Top 10 Craziest Soccer Fans and Their Tattoos

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The relationship between a soccer team and a fan is one of the most sacred things in sport.

If you think that you are crazy about your soccer club, then you'd better have a rethink because there are some fans who are even crazier.

10. "Tottenham Till I Die"

This crazy soccer fan not just got a tattoo, but chose the most unexpected part of his body for it - his head. His tatoo reads: "TOTTENHAM TILL I DIE", which means he will forever be a Spur in good or hard times.

9. Lionel Messi's Jersey

One of Messi's fans wasn't satisfied with just getting a jersey. He decided to go one step further and get Messi's jersey tattooed on his back. The Barcelona star was so impressed that he decided to meet him and see the tattoo with his own eyes.

8. Blue Moon

Meet Manchester City supporter who has club tattoos all over his head. The crazy fan has the name of the club, the 2012 Premier League trophy, two "Blue Moon" tattoos on his head.

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