Top 10 Coolest Marvel Movie Easter Eggs You Never Saw Coming

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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s as much excitement about finding the Easter eggs as there is about watching the actual movie.

You may have the mandatory Stan Lee cameos and the post-credit scenes, but those are obvious. 

Here are the Top 10 coolest Marvel Cinematic Universe Easter eggs that you might have missed on your first viewing.

10. Dr Donald Blake - Thor

The Easter Egg: In homage to Thor's human alter-ego in the comics, he goes by the alias Donald Blake at several times throughout the film.

How Obscure Is It? Anyone who has ever read a Thor comic will probably get this one.

9. The Original Human Torch - Captain America: The First Avenger

The Easter Egg: As Steve Rogers and Bucky enter the exhibition of future technologies, you can see a red figure in a bright red jumpsuit in a glass cage, a reference to the original Human Torch, the very first superhero ever created by Timely Comics… which then went on to become Marvel Comics.

How Obscure Is It? It’s an easy spot, but you’ll need a degree in comicsology to get the reference.

8. The Lonely Man - The Incredible Hulk

The Easter Egg: Incredible Hulk composer Craig Armstrong weaves the famous "Lonely Man" theme - the sad piano piece used in the Incredible Hulk TV show - into his score.

How Obscure Is It? As long as you have an ear out for the film's music and have seen the TV show, this one is easy to spot.

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