Top 10 Cool National Costumes on Miss Universe 2015

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During the Miss Universe 2015 competition in Miami, the pageant featured a National Costume contest where competitors had to dress in a costume that represents their home country.

Some of the girls dressed a little on-the-nose, while some took more cool and creative liberties.

Anyway, here's the top 10 cool national costumes from Miss Universe 2015 contest.

10. Miss Great Britain

Miss Great Britain gets points for not trying as hard as the other girls to be looking too cool, but still cool and hot.

9. Miss Aruba

Miss Aruba

Miss Aruba  was a giant bird — and maybe a little too into it.

8. Miss USA

Miss USA

Miss USA should be our new American flag. Seriously, this is splendorous.

7. Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil dressed like an angel, and this is a reminder that selection for this list is not based off of creativity but rather presentation!

6. Miss Jamaica

Miss Jamaica

Miss Jamaica gets major points for dressing like the dinosaur that kills Newman in Jurassic Park.

5. Miss Lithuania

Miss Lithuania

Miss Lithuania,for obvious reasons.

4. Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador wore materials indigenous to Ecuador, bringing a new meaning to "au naturel."

3. Miss Japan

Miss Japan

Miss Japan regretfully informs Tom Cruise that he is no longer the last samurai.

2. Miss South Africa

Miss South Africa

Miss South Africa recreated a famous Marilyn Monroe photograph.

1. Miss Canada

Miss Canada

Miss Canada took the only thing anyone truly knows about her country and did the best she could. It's technically insane, but she gets the deserved applause for effort.


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