Top 10 Comic Book Movie Castings That Must Happen in 2016

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These guys are destined to play these characters.

All the characters listed in this article will be due for either a first-time casting or a recasting in 2016, paving the way for movies that have been announced - or will be announced - in the years to come.

10. Nathan Fillion - Green Lantern

Can you see a better option out there, Hollywood? Is there another actor out there who embodies the Green Lantern and his associated charisma with just as much gusto as this guy?

9. Ariel Winter - Mary Jane Watson

As a candidate for an epic Mary Jane Watson casting, Ariel Winter has the beauty factor down to a tee, and - most importantly - is still in her teens.

8. Matt Damon - Commissioner James Gordon

Who better to play Flashback Gordon than Ben Affleck's buddy Matt Damon? Aren't Batman and Gordon supposed to be an unstoppable team? What better way to showcase that than with two actual best friends with a real history?

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