Top 10 Comic Book Heroes That Could Defeat Superman

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Since Superman first burst his way onto the comic book scene in the late 1930s, he’s become a benchmark for many superheroes that followed. 

With his unlimited strength, invulnerability, flight, and heat vision (just to name just a few of his countless powers), Superman is the ultimate hero who borderlines on a God-like being.

But what if he wasn’t the boy scout we all know him to be? What would happen if Superman truly cut loose? Could anyone stop him?

Everyone is well aware of Superman’s weakness to Kryptonite, but what about his other weaknesses and is there anyone out there who could exploit them? 

With this list we look at the superheroes that could match The Man of Steel and ultimately defeat him.

10. Batman

We start our list with the superhero match up that has been the story arch of many comic books and the most recent Superman movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

In most of these story archs, Batman comes out on top. With his superior intellect and love of gadgets, The Dark Knight knows how to not just stop Superman, but hurt him. Using The Man of Steel’s weaknesses against him, Batman is definitely a worthy foe.

However, in most of the scenarios in which Batman and Superman fight, Superman is more controlled and level headed and often gives Batman a handicap. If Superman were to ever really lose it with Batman, it might be a different story. But we’re sure Batman would have a plan for that.


9. The Flash

Out of the men to wear The Flash mantel, we’re choosing Wally West as the hero for this battle. 

The Flash, contrary to many people’s views, isn’t just a one trick pony. His power does come from his speed, but Wally West is so much more than that. Firstly, The Flash does have Superman beat on speed; after all, West can travel through time and even cross dimensions with his speed, making it almost impossible for Superman to touch him.

On top of that, West gets his power from the Speed Force which gives him other powers that could be used against Superman. The Flash can vibrate his molecules and pass through any object, and using his “Infinite Mass Punch” which would knock Superman out! The Flash could win this fight before Superman knew what hit him.

8. Doctor Strange

As with Batman, Doctor Strange is nowhere near on par with Superman physically. However, there is one factor that Strange has that the Dark Knight does not, and that is magic. Superman has often come up against magical beings and he struggles. Magic is one power that Superman really can’t handle.

Being one of the greatest sorcerers in the Marvel universe, Doctor Strange is a master of force-fields and could easily deflect anything Superman could throw at him. He is also a master of the astral-plane and could hurt Superman safely from within his force-field. 

Doctor Strange can also conjure The Crimson Band which has been known to restrain The Hulk, so it could easily hold Superman.

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