Top 10 Cold But Caring Anime Characters

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3. Kyouya Sata  (Wolf girl, Black Prince)

Kyouya is the king of all tsunderes in my opinion. To others he is a dreamy Prince. But to Erika, who is the main protagonist, discovers that on the inside he's a slightly sadistic brat.

Kyouya agrees to Erika's deal of being "together" (she asks him so her friends will leave her alone).

He claims to only be doing this to get something in return. Later on there is a confrontation that involves another guy that tries to take Erika from Kyouya.

What kind of "fake" boyfriend punches another guy for hurting his "fake" girlfriend's feelings?

That's Kyouya for you... In general, he intentionally is cold because that's his hidden personality.

Further on in the series he tries to be nicer to Erika, since he does actually start to harbor feelings for her.

It takes him a couple episode for him to come out with his feelings, but he eventually succeeds.

A good example of this is during Erika’s birthday. we find this episode to be very funny and my favorite.

2. Levi (Attack on Titan)

His story or background is absolutely tragic and definitely a tearjerker.

Because of past experiences, Levi tends to hold his composure very well, endure internally, and never really express his true feelings. Unless it is anger or annoyance, he's good at emphasizing that.

He shuts everyone out, so he can prevent from getting close to anyone around him and vise versa.

It's a way that insures he doesn't get hurt as much. On the inside, Levi is totally human.

In fact, he has emotional pain just like everyone else (reference to OVAs and Petra's dad scene).

Again, as we stated before, he really just doesn't show it on the outside; he hides behind his mask of bitterness so people draw away from him…


1. Sesshomaru  (Inuyasha)

He is straight up a cold hearted demon. Soon Sesshomaru meets Rin, a poor orphan little girl, and she isn't liked by her village.

The struggles thar she face everyday is cruel; she gets bullied, humiliated, beaten.

Rin is mute, blind in one eye, plus her family was killed in front of her by human bandits.

It is understandable that she is more drawn to Sesshomaru because he saved her.

He saved Rin on a whim and curiosity; he found her dead in the Forest. He decided to test out the healing powers of the sword left to him by his father.

Sesshomaru eventually grows an attachment to Rin and vise versa... He acts like a father figure to her; in fact, Rin changes him and proves that he does have a heart even if it's a teeny tiny one


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