Top 10 Cold But Caring Anime Characters

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These are our opinions based off from the anime we've watched

Top 10 "cold but caring" anime characters:

10. Shinichi  (Parasite)

One might think, “why is this nerd here?” He eventually becomes cold.

For example, (spoilers!) when his heart get stabbed, Migi becomes more apart of him.

Because of this influence, Shinichi acts colder than usual (i.e. to the dead puppy scene:cry:).

Even though he still cared, or at least tried to, he couldn't help it deep down.

Shinichi had too much of Migi in him that he wasn't able to feel compassion.


9. Zero (Vampire Knight)

His story is sad. Very sad. He's on my list for a number of reasons. First, he's one of those characters that suffers internally.

Since no one suspect his suffering, except the head master, he doesn't receive help.

However, in his intention, he doesn't want Yuki near him.

Second, he's bitter towards Yuki because he cares for her.

It keeps her distracted, so she doesn't find out that he is slowly turning into a "monster" (vampire).

Also, he doesn't want her to get hurt by pushing her away. He tries, but she finds out later (spoiler).

8. Shizuku Mizutani (My little monster)

This is a classic case of "starts off cold but then warms up" throughout the series.

Shizuku is a loner; she prefers homework over fun and isn't ashamed of it.

She is pretty cold to everyone and sometimes inconsiderate.

Also, she can be selfish sometimes by telling her friends to solve their own problems.

Since childhood, she has been considered to be cold. For example, there was an incident.

The class's pet died, but she was the only one who didn't express sympathy.

She was nicknamed “dry ice” after this. Later on in her first year of Highschool, she meets a boy named Haru, who is a very... interesting character.

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