Top 10 Cities in China with the Most Beautiful Women

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There are lots of great cities to meet beautiful women in China.

So, Which city has the most beautiful ladies?

This list will tell you the top 10 cities in China where you can find and date the most beautiful women.

10. Harbin 

The girls in Harbin are tall and beautiful with good fashion sense.

Elegant Chinese actress Song Jia is a representative of the many beautiful Harbin girls.

9. Chongqing

Chongqing is reputed as “the hometown of beauty”.

Many Chinese guys agreed that Chongqing is abundant with beautiful girls.

Their beauty derives mainly from two factors – high humidity in the air year round and lack of exposure to direct sunlight.

8. Dalian

The northern port city Dalian is always universally recognized as a hot spot for beautiful ladies.

Its women have a unique disposition and zest for life.

Elegant actress Dong Jie was hailed as an iconic example of the beautiful girls from Dalian.

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