Top 10 Celebs Who Bring Disney Style Out of the Cartoon World

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Every girl wants to look like a princess, and these celebrities are no exception.

Check out which A-listers brought Disney style out of the cartoon world and onto the red carpet.

10. Elle Fanning - Princess Aurora

Elle looked every bit Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty in an off-the-shoulder blue gown! Her honey-blonde locks make her a dead ringer for Aurora!

9. Selena Gomez - Pocahontas

In a tan, fringe minidress, Selena nailed Pocahontas' style! If only she had a turquoise necklace to go with it!

8. Jennifer Lawrence - Ariel

Jennifer Lawrence channeled one of our favorite parts from The Little Mermaid, when Ariel tries on her first "dress" as a human!

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