Top 10 Celebrities You Probably Didn't Know Had A Twin

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This year has been the year of finding stranger twins.

Amanda Fisher is the latest one who has found her doppelgänger with the help of Internet.

These two girls was incredibly similar but they’re not real twins. However, the following 10 celebrities all grew up sharing a special connection with a twin of their own.

10.Kiefer And Rachel Sutherland

Am I the only one freaked out by a female Jack Bauer? I feel like I'm looking at Keifer in disguise as a woman so he can stop a bomb from detonating in a downtown LA all female spa. 

9. Jon and Dan Heder

You all remember "Napoleon Dynamite," right? Well Jon Heder starred in that. His twin brother Dan works behind the scenes in visual effects. 

8. Linda And Leslie Hamilton

There's nothing more badass than two Sarah Connors, amirite? Good thing there wasn't though.  

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