Top 10 Celebrities Who Speak More Than One Language

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As if it wasn't enough to be rich, famous, attractive, and talented, some of Hollywood's biggest names are also multilingual. 

I mean they can truely speak multiple languages, like French or German, not things like Aussie that you can learn in the three-minute clip.

Here goes the Top 10 celebs who speak more than one language.

10. Mila Kunis - Russian

Mila Kunis has stunning, exotic looks and her perfect American accent could throw off the fact that she was born in the Ukraine and lived there until she was seven years old. 

Although her relations with the country could be a little stressed, given some recent comments, she is proud of still being fluent in the Russian language.

9. Colin Firth - Italian

Sigh. Mr. Darcy speaks fluent Italian. 

Colin Firth has been married to an Italian eco-fashion activist, Livia, since 1997, which is plenty enough reason to become fluent in the beautiful language. 

He has shown off his skills in interviews, showing that he is steadily becoming more and more fluent . 

I wonder if he’ll ever do an entirely Italian film role? Colin, give the people what they want!

8. Gwyneth Paltrow - Spanish

Gwyneth Paltrow speaks almost perfectly accented Spanish which she learned as a teenager during an exchange program. 

“When I was 15, I went to a small town outside Talavera de la Reina and I had the most wonderful experience. It really changed my life,” Paltrow has said. 

She’s also apparently very keen on raising her children, Apple and Moses, in a bilingual household, with reports that she insists they only speak to her in Spanish. 

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