Top 10 Celebrities Who Rock the Man Bun Trend

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Though they may make you go bald, there’s no doubt that man buns has taken male fashion by storm.

As evidenced by everyone from Jared Leto to Leonardo DiCaprio, the androgynous hairstyle is functional, fashionable, and a lot more versatile than you probably think. 

Whether you’re in need of warm weather hair inspo or just feel like staring at some long-haired hotties, we bring you the best celebrity man buns below. 

10. Harry Styles

Harry Styles spent all of 2014 perfecting his man bun and we 100% approve this bun.

9. Orlando Bloom

Polished and professional, Orlando Bloom pulls off a bun better than most ladies.

8. Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt can pretty much do no wrong when it comes to his hair: short, long, man bun, bun less. We think he should stick with the bun.

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