Top 10 Celebrities Who May Have Fake Butts

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You've heard of boob jobs. You're familiar with nose jobs.

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, you probably also now know that some folks surgically enhance their lips.

But did you know that some people also get butt implants? And that the following celebrities are rumored to have done so? It's true!

10. Kylie Jenner

She shows off her rear end all the time these days. Because work has been done on it again?


9. Erica Mena

The Love and Hip Hop New York star looks like she may topple over sometimes. She talks openly about her boob job, but has remained mum so far on chatter that she has also had her butt done.

8. Jenna Jameson

She's a famous porn star. We know a lot of stuff may have been in Jenna Jameson's butt. But people also think some stuff has gone into making it look different.

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