Top 10 Bizarre Habits of The Super Rich And Famous

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Having money means being able to do whatever you want.

But some people are so rich that it seems like they find strange hobbies or lifestyle habits to take on. Some of these habits are sure to make your jaw drop, or at least cause you to raise your brow a little. Here they are.

10. Teri Hatcher - Bathing In Red Wine

Teri Hatcher, who is known for her role on "Desperate Housewives," is a timeless beauty. That’s likely because she likes to take baths in red wine to keep her skin soft and youthful.

Most people choose to drink their red wine for its many benefits, but if you can afford enough quality red wine at one time to bathe in it, why not?

9. Jonathan Franzen - Works With A Blindfold

Famed author Jonathan Franzen wears a blindfold so he can concentrate while penning his creative masterpieces. He sat in his office with earplugs on for years, hoping to be inspired while trying to disconnect from the world to improve his focus.

8. Jessica Simpson - Chews Nicotine Gum

While most people chew nicotine gum to wean themselves off of cigarettes, Jessica Simpson chews nicotine gum on a regular basis. She’s never been a smoker, so perhaps the gum is a way for her to unwind or remain calm.

7. Simon Cowell - Climbs A Tree Everyday

The man who is known as the villain of American Idol and the creator of successful TV talent competitions, has a strange way of remembering his childhood. Simon Cowell makes sure that he climbs a tree every day to feel like a kid again.

6. Demi Moore - Leech Bath

Demi Moore has famous exes like Bruce Willis and Ashton Kuchter under her belt, so she likely needs a method or two for relaxation. The actress uses leeches to suck her blood and remove impurities and toxins from her body.

5. Sandra Bullock - Uses Hemorrhoid Cream On Her Face

Sandra Bullock is in her 40s and still manages to maintain her youthful glow due to a bizarre beauty secret. She rubs hemorrhoid cream on her face to get rid of puffiness and redness.

4. Cameron Diaz - Opens Doors With Elbows

Cameron Diaz suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, and is likely afraid that she’ll get germs on her hands if she opens a door the normal way. So, she opens them with her elbows.

3. Bill Gates - Drinks Poop Water

The man who is the face and founder of Microsoft doesn’t exactly drink water directly from the toilet. However, Bill Gates lends his support to a project that turns waste water into safe drinking water.

2. Lady Gaga - Unconventional Habits

One look at Lady Gaga’s red carpet outfits, and it’s not hard to believe that she has some habits that are less than conventional.

Remember that giant egg she emerged from for an awards show performance? Well, she kept the egg and uses it as her own personal meditation studio.

1. Angelina Jolie - Eats Bugs

The Jolie-Pitt clan eats bugs, including crickets. During Angelina Jolie’s Cambodia shoot for Louis Vuitton, she admitted that her kids do indeed enjoy snacking on insects.

Maybe these wealthy celebrities and business people develop these habits in order to get even more attention.

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