Top 10 Biggest Lies Ever Told By Major Advertisers

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Advertising doesn't have a reputation for being the most honest profession.

Advertisers spin and shade the truth in their favour. But sometimes they go a few steps too far and promote products based on outright falsehoods.

From bogus cancer cures to biologically impossible weight-loss gimmicks, here are the Top 10 10 biggest lies ever told in advertising.

10. Then Listerine said that it was as effective as floss.

This claim also proved misleading.

A U.S. District Judge ordered Pfizer, Listerine's maker at the time, to pull the ads in 2005.

Although a 2010 class action suit against Listerine for the false advertising was thrown out for going "overboard." The ads were pulled quickly and, therefore, weren't exposed to a lot of people

9. That will find your classmates.

Before there was Facebook, people were chomping at the bit to sign up for and contact their old high school friends and flames. 

The site eventually introduced a "Gold" membership, which allowed members to email their old friends.

Anthony Michaels was lured into the Gold membership after sent him an email saying that an old friend was trying to contact him. 

That turned out to be a marketing ploy, so Michaels filed a class action lawsuit for false advertising. ended up paying $9.5 million — $3 per subscriber — in 2010.

8. That certain pills are "scientifically proven" to increase the size of a certain part of the male body.

Both Extenze and Enzyte falsely promised to give men a "big new swing of confidence."

Extenze ended up paying a $6 million settlement in 2010, and Enzyte's Steve Warshak was sentenced to 25 years in prison after he over-billed his customers.

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