Top 10 Best Star Wars Character Cosplay Ever

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Pretty much,  the only western cosplay tradition that can compete on a level with the superhero is the characters from Star Warss.

Star Wars cosplayers now incorporate some of the most up-to-date make-up and prosthetics, when needed, in order to raise their game to the level of the films that inspire them.

Here are 10 best cosplays of star wars characters ever.

10. Varied Aliens

As the world’s most famous space opera, Star Wars boasts its fair share of alien flora and fauna.

The Expanded Universe of books, comics and especially video games has increased the number of alien protagonists and antagonists for fans to cosplay, given that the films tend to stick to human-form goodies.

..and the Sith Lady Darth Talon in the expanded universe.

But of course, there are the less sexy exotics from the films – like the Ewoks and the Wookies…

…and everyone’s favourite Tatooine-based scroungers and scavengers, the Jawas.

9. Padmé Baby One More Time

Former princess, then queen of Naboo, then galactic senator, secret wife to a Sith Lord, and finally mother to two future Rebel heroes… Padmé Amidala has a lot of plot to juggle in the three Star Wars prequels.

It’s her exotic headdresses and make up that make her fun to cosplay, though.

There are alternate looks littered throughout the films, so it really depends on personal preference…

8. A Bag Of Mint Imperials

Star Wars doesn’t just give us iconic villains to cosplay as, but also pretty sweet soldiers and men/women in uniform.

Imperial Stormtroopers may be the worst shots in all the galaxy, but their armour is so iconic.

Here’s a few specialist soldiers to vary the palate a little.

Our favourites for sheer spectacle have to be the Imperial guardsmen…

And there are plenty of people with the imagination to try something a little different…

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