Top 10 Best Oppai Anime You Can Watch When No One Is Around

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Okay, let’s get right into this. This isn’t going to be one of the most substantive discussions of anime you’ve ever read, but that’s not why you’re here, is it?

You’re here either because you know “oppai” is the Japanese word for “boobs,” or you saw the thumbnail and saw boobs. Either way, you’re here for some giant, bouncing, impossibly proportioned anime boobs. 

So we’re going to tell you where to find the kind of substance you’re looking for: the round ones on animated girls’ chests.

10. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

This is a fun recent romp about a boy who lives with a collection of girls who are half-human, half… some kind of monster creature.

Not everybody in the series is exploding out of their bra all the time, but Miia (the lamia) and Centorea (the centaur) provide ample heft, and Rachnee (the spider girl), supplies a healthy dose of underboob.

Also, Suu (the slime girl) is normally flat-chested, but can shapeshift and adjust her proportions any time she takes on water. That comes into play as well.

That’s not even getting into the secondary characters. Trust me, there’s plenty to ogle here.


9. High School DxD

Like any anime with a harem theme, you have to know where to look for the bust. In High School DxD, Issei Hyoudou is a high school who has just been murdered in cold blood by the girl that asked him out on a date.

He is brought back to life by the massively busty Rias Gremory, and is put to work as a servant in the midst of an ongoing battle between angels and demons.

Some of your enjoyment here will probably come from Rias, but don’t sleep on Akeno Himeji, the sadistic closet dominatrix who doesn’t care if you look.

If anything, she cares because she is trying to get you to look. Anime girls get a bit exhibitionist at times when they’re trying to come on to the protagonist.

8. Trinity Seven

It’s a series about a magic high school, in which everybody has a certain set of powers based on the Seven Deadly Sins, and honestly, it’s a little hard to follow. I tried, really.

One of the coolest things about Trinity Seven is how cool male protagonist Arata Kasuga is, thrust into a situation where he’s surrounded by girls who come onto him to varying degrees.

He’s surprisingly… normal, actually. A little pervy, but not over the top. He’s clearly interested in the girls, he likes what he’s seeing, but he’s not constantly trying to peek panty shots or get gratuitous boob gropes. But when the situation works out that way, he’s just like, “oh, hey, awesome.”

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