Top 10 Best Memes That Had Ever Brought so Much Fun

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"Memes" have become a cultural symbol.

What is it? Jokes, urban legends, human and animal odditie, in some cases, memes can also be art and music curiosities, and even philosophical ideas worth repeating.

Here are the top 10 best memes that had brought so much fun to modern internet.

10. Kylo Ren's Tri-Lightsaber

When the trailer of the new Star Wars Episode 7 movie was released, fans went into a frenzy over the tri-lightsaber of the character Kylo Ren.

Apparently, the functionality of such a mythical weapon was debatable.  

This spurred a viral form of playful vandalism, where readers around the world would photoshop different implements onto Ren's lightsaber, like this example of a swiss army knife in this photo.

9. Doge! Much Wow, Such Fun...

Doge is a photograph meme commonly attached to photos of Shiba Inu dogs, combined with comic sans font and the use of bad grammar with comedic monologue text. 

8. David After the Dentist

David is a young 7 year old who just had his tooth removed. As he recovered from the general anesthetic, his father videotaped him with the new family Flip camera.

During his wooziness, David proceeded to monologe in an endearing Hamlet-ish kind of way, questioning life and his medicated condition.

See the woozy young lad here. Even more funny, see the Chad Vader parody video side-by-side with David.

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