Top 10 Best Japanese Manga You Need to Read Before You Die

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7. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

A manga that follows completely the idea of equal exchange, meaning that to get something you must give up something of equal value.

The world is run by alchemy, with wonders ways to us it to fight and gain power and influence. The characters are loud, fun, and profound.

Its main character are trying to fix a mistake they made and get redemption for trying to beat death. The villains are also as well developed and rick with inner-struggle. A true work of manga genius.

6. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy tail is about one of the mage guilds in the magical kingdom of 'the earth land'.

The story is mainly focused on the 4 mages Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Erza. All kinds of (bad) things happen in earth land which usually leads to some epic mage fights.

The magical fights are quite awesome, combined with the music they are just epic.

5. Bleach


This story by Tite Kubo takes place in the world of the occult. It’s a world in the style of a Japanese Exorcist.

This ongoing popular series follows Ichigo Kurosaki as he gains powers of a shinigami and fights evil.

While this story deals with Asian mythology it has gained an audience in other countries as well.

4. Death Note

Death Note

With a stroke of a pen you can kill anyone and how you want them to die.

You could try to extinguish all evil in the world. Unless your smarter then Light Yagami, a super, SUPER, SUPA genius.

This is a great story of cat and mouse with a dark and intense tone. This manga has everything and holds you throughout the story.

The character interactions are strong and messages in everything they say.

It is a smart manga that is a detective story where you are rooting for the bad guy.

Go read it or your name might be found in a special book, and there are worse ways to die then a heart attack.

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