Top 10 Best Famous Anime Characters With High Kill Counts

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Be careful what fights you pick because to these guys, killing is nothing.

Welcome to Orzzzz and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime Characters with High Body Counts. 

For this list, we’re looking at the characters who have a hefty kill resume.

From guns to sword to Planet Killing Fireballs, methods don’t matter so long as the kill count impresses.

10. Guts  “Berserk” (1997)

Starting off our list is the deadly Black Swordsman from one of Anime’s darkest fantasy series.

Guts is a mercenary and a berserker. Wielding a massive blade with his brute strength alone, Guts can cut down multiple men with a single slash.

You don’t earn the title ‘100 Man Slayer’ by being gentile after all. Guts already had an impressive body count in the original series.

And with the story set to FINALLY continue in 2016, he looks set to add some more notches to his trust blade.


9. Alucard “ Hellsing” franchise (2001-12)

Rocking the iconic red hat and trench coat, Alucard is a bloodsucking monster working for the Hellsing Organization.

His only loyalty is to organization leader, Integra, and while he is one of the good guys, you definitely wouldn’t want him as a friend.

Nothing makes Alucard happier than when the gloves come off and the killing can begin.

Countless vampires, monsters and humans have been effortlessly torn apart or gunned down by the vampire lord, and mercy is not in his vocabulary.

Push him too far and he will reveals his true power and turn the battlefield into an all you can eat buffet.

8. Light Yagami  “Death Note” (2006-07)

As a pursuer of justice, Light Yagami always had a dream of a world without crime.

When the Death note comes into his possession, his wish takes a disturbing turn. After figuring out the book’s power, Light is able to kill at his own leisure so long as he has a name.

Light’s rise to power is as meteoric as his kill count. His tale is all the more tragic as the pool of victims grows to encompass not just criminals but former allies that stand to derail his plans.

Adding dozens of names daily into the Death Note, Lights exact body count number is one scary mystery.

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