Top 10 Best Extreme Selfies Ever Taken

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We have already seen Andy Cohen gets selfie-ish with stars like James Franco, Patrick Stewart and Katie Couric. Now take a look at this new trend of selfies for those who are not afraid of a little adventure while posing for a photo.

10. The "check out my socks" selfie

The "check out my socks" selfie

The socks are fucking nice!

9. The "giraffe pullin' a miley" selfie

The "giraffe pullin' a miley" selfie

The giraffe sticking his head into the car to do a Miley-inspired tongue selfie is one thing. The kid remaining composed enough to make the same face instead of losing his mind because there's a giraffe in the car? That's impressive.

8. The "top gun" selfie

The "top gun" selfie

Talk about highway to the dangerously good selfie zone. This Danish F-16 pilot perfectly timed this seflie shot, capturing a just-fired AIM-9 missile in the background. 

7. The "something awful is about to happen" selfie

The "something awful is about to happen" selfie

Because there's nothing more cringeworthy than knowing something horrible is going to happen and having no way to stop it. 

6. The 1000-foot skyscraper selfie video 

In August, a now-viral video surfaced of three teens perched atop one of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscrapers, 1135 feet above the city. Daniel Lau, the videographer, used a selfie stick tool and a wide-angle lens on his camera to produce the extreme video.

5. The "were you just in a plane crash?!" selfie

The "were you just in a plane crash?!" selfie

It almost looks like a fun day on the ocean, until you see the sinking plane in the background. 

4. The "top of Christ the Redeemer" selfie

The "top of Christ the Redeemer" selfie

Lee Thompson, founder of the British adventure travel company The Flash Pack, convinced the Brazilian tourist board to let him climb the world-recognized landmark. It took Thompson, who was helped by a small team, almost 30 minutes to reach the summit of the 124-foot-high statue.

3. The "running with the bulls" selfie

The "running with the bulls" selfie

You gotta hand it to this guy. He did it for the Vine. Or, I guess the selfie. Or the selfie Vine. Whatever. Dude is recording himself while almost getting mauled by a bull.

2. The space selfie

The space selfie

When it comes to International Space Station astronaut Aki Hoshide's perfectly reflected Earth-space selfie, there is nothing we can say about that. OMG!

1. The world's oldest selfie

The world's oldest selfie

It's hard to beat an original. When it comes to choosing the best, you have to hand to it to the guy who started it all. 

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