Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Battle,You Want Know.

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3. Gohan vs Cell

After fighting Cell Goku taught he won’t be able to defeat cell however he taught his son gohan has been keeping up with all other fighters since he was a kid.

Gohan was easily defeated cell until cell killed Android 16 which caused Gohan to go berserk and transform into Super Saiyan 2.

After Transforming into SSj 2 he was able to defeat Cell.

2. Goku vs Vegeta 

Vegta and Goku have laways been rivals but for the first time when Vegeta came to earth he was able to fight Goku one on one.

But eventually GOku overpowered him but Vegeta was quite smart and he used his technique to transform into great ape.

He was almost successful in killing Goku until Yajirobi severed his tail.

They also had a second fight during Majin Buu saga but the second fight was not a death battle just like the one on earth.


1. Goku vs Frieza

Goku vs Frieza is the most epic fight in DBZ in which Goku for the first time reached the legendary status of Super Saiyan after Frieza killed Krillin brutally in front of him. The fight went on to be intense.

Eventually destroying the planet at the end of fight Frieza was severed into two parts by his own attack however Goku felt pity for him and gave him some of his own energy to help him regain his consciousness.

However Frieza betrayed him and fired attack against him.

Goku backfired and defeated him.

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