Top 10 Best Doraemon Gadgets From Future Everone Wants in Their Lives

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What would happen when Doraemon is sent into the World of GTA?

The players would no longer have any interest in guns, sports cars and helicoters, all they want are these best gadgets from Doraemon.

Check out how amazing these gadgets from future can be!

10. Jelly Translator

With this gadget from doraemon, you’ll even forget that ‘language barriers’ do exist.

Eat this magical jelly and you’ll instantly know how to speak and understand every single language in the universe.

9. Memory Bread

Every student at school would want this gadget.

Place it against your school notes, a page of a book, or anything else that contains data you want to memorize.

A special mechanism enables this bread to fully absorb all the information written on a page.

Eat the bread on your breakfast, you’re one step closer to that perfect test score!

8. Dress Up Camera

Any woman would try to have this gadget at any cost.

Cut out your favorite dress from fashion magazines or catalogues. Insert it on the camera and then focus the viewfinder to the person whom you want to wear the said clothes.

In an instant, you can get a complete wardrobe without going to the mall.

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