Top 10 Best Baseball Anime

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Americans consider baseball to be the national pastime. But it's also the most popular sport in Japan, and anime reflects that.

If you are new to baseball and want to learn more about it, there's always a first for everything. But if you already know about baseball and you have a passion for it, here are the Top 10 Best Baseball Anime!

10. Touch

This is by far the oldest anime on the list - it finished its run in 1987. This involves a close trio of people - two of which are rivals in baseball and love. But in this case, the two in question are twin brothers.


9. H2

H2 follows Hiro Kunimi who is ready to give up baseball and join the soccer team after an elbow injury. Despite a promising start as a pitcher, he joins a high school with no baseball team, just a fledgling club of baseball enthusiasts.

After being disgusted with the soccer club's arrogance, he switches up and works to build up the baseball club. And now he faces his lifetime friend, now a monstrous power hitter on another team.

8. Princess Nine

Hayakawa Ryo possesses the extraordinary talent of pitching derived from her late father who was a legendary pitcher. And finally she agrees to establish an all-girls baseball club to prove that girls can do just as well in baseball as boys.

If you are a girl then this might be the right baseball anime for you! Although it might seem a bit sketchy, it's really enjoyable from both girls' and boys' perspectives.

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