Top 10 Best Anime That are Perfect to Watch On Halloween

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It’s that time of year again.

Kids runny around in costume and candy at every door, snuggling with your partner while watching the worst of horror movies.

To celebrate the best holiday of the year for Otakus, we are counting down the top 10 best Halloween anime that are perfect to watch on Halloween.

10. Soul Eater

Death gods, angry evil beings, Soul Eater sets up Halloween elements perfectly.

Soul Eater is a great start as it’s not too scary, but shows the viewer what the world would be like with death gods, witches and the like.

Soul Eater follows three weapon meisters and their human weapons. The goal is to make a death scythe, the ultimate weapon, by eating 99 evil human souls as well as 1 witch soul.

Shown in pairs with their weapons, the students enrolled in Death Weapon Meister Academy as they train to become the Ultimate Death god.


9. Highschool of the Dead

You can’t have a scary show anymore without zombies or some form of undead creature.

That being said, Highschool of the Dead is another great spooky show that is a little more high on the adrenaline than the fear.

What if you woke up one day, came to school, and suddenly 99% of the student body were zombies looking to eat you?

Unfortunately though, for a group of students and the school nurse, they are trapped on the roof of the school.

Panicked and scared, they must now try to find safety while escaping the horrors of a zombie invasion.

8. Paranoia Agent

As a psychological thriller, Paranoia Agent isn’t so much bloody or adventurous as the other two.

What’s really disturbing, among many things in this show is the harsh animation.

Paranoia Agent is about "lil slugger", a boy who mysteriously travels around on golden skates with a bent golden bat. What does he do with it? He assaults people.

As more and more people are being targeted, two detectives try to step in, at their own peril, to solve the mystery behind lil slugger and get to the bottom of all these attacks.

It’s a great show to give you the chills in preparation for Halloween. Be sure to watch it in the dark.

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