Top 10 Best Anime Love Teams

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7. Uchiha Sasuke and Sakura Haruno - Naruto

It's not a surprise that Sakura Haruno is attracted to Uchiha Sasuke. They live in the same village and grown up together. Sasuke is an achiever. In fact, others consider him as a genius during their ninja training. Sakura was amazed not only about Sasuke's skill but also on his adorable and sweet face.

Probably the sweetest Sasuke and Sakura moment is when Sasuke decided to left Konoha and Sakura tried to stop him. That situation clearly defines how much Sasuke means for Sakura and I believe Sasuke felt that strong emotion.

6. Itsuki Minami and Ringo Noyamano - Air Gear

Itsuki Minami and Ringo Noyamano both share the same passion which is A-T. It's basically an inline skate which exciting features. This sport is lethal since A-T can be used as a weapon. There are several instances in the series where Ringo almost died after a run.

Nevertheless, Itsuki was always there to protect here. Don't get it wrong because Ringo is not weak. She even almost killed Itsuki simply to protect him from further harm and to avoid conflict between their groups.

Though most of their sweet moments in the series originate from Itsuki's perverted mind, their childish quarrels and funny conversations made this couple of the best in the anime world.

5. Kanou Kyosuke and Tsujiwaki Miki - Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Kanou Kyosuke is an aspiring soccer player. He is a striker with exceptional talent. Nevertheless, he is overshadowed by his highly successful brother. He decided to quit playing the sport until he met Tsujiwaki Miki, a female soccer player. Her dedication towards the sport is far beyond anybody else despite the lack of talent.

Kanou decided to be their coach and taught Miki regarding the basics of soccer. In no time, Kanou find himself interested about the sport again. He regretted about all the time he wasted and joined their school's soccer team for a fresh start.

The road was never easy. Nevertheless, Miki's encouragement never failed to fill his heart with hope and spirit. They may not be vulgar about their true feelings but it's pretty obvious. How they silently love and care for one another made this couple even more lovable.

4. Jellal Fernandes and Erza Scarlet - Fairy Tail

Jellal Fernandes was first introduced as Zeref, the infamous dark wizard. Erza Scarlet knew that it was all a lie since she knew Jellal when they were just kids. In fact, Jellal was her childhood friend as they were both enslaved. Way back then, Jellal promised to protect Erza at all cost.

Jellal saved Erza countless times. Thoughts about him encourages Erza to fight back and stand up against abrurdly strong enemies. They even nearly kiss during their first confrontation which is a clear indication of the deep affected towards each other they both share.

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