Top 10 Best Anime Fights That Once Moved Us

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3. Goku vs. Frieza - Dragon Ball

“King of the universe, welcome to hell!

It looks like the battle is over, as everyone celebrates, Frieza reappears and spares no time attacking; first he fires a blast at Goku, but Piccolo hurls himself in front of it and takes the blast, knocking him out.

Then Frieza fires another blast and uses it to blow up Krillin, killing him. Fueled by rage at the loss of his best friend, Goku's power increases exponentially, and he ascends to become a Super Saiyan.

2. Naruto vs. Pain - Naruto

“Sensei, I'm back.

In retaliation for the village's destruction, Naruto swiftly crushed the newly-restored Asura Path and began his fight with the remaining Paths of Pain.

The Animal Path called upon its summons to attack Naruto, who parried them with the aid of his toads and proceeded to defeat the Preta Path.

Soon afterwards, Naruto eliminated the Human Path with his Wind Release: Rasenshuriken, and then teamed up with Gamabunta to defeat the Animal Path.

1. Majin Buu vs. Vegeta - Dragon Ball

“Once you were so proud, and finally you learn to love, the world is proud of you.”

Trunks knocks Buu away from his father, and he and Goten free Vegeta from his bonds. Vegeta recovers, and tells Trunks that he is proud of him. For the first time, Vegeta embraces his son. He then knocks out Goten and Trunks, allowing Piccolo to carry them away to safety.

With Buu back and ready for more, Vegeta makes the ultimate sacrifice: he erupts in a blinding flash of light, certainly killing anything near him, including himself. The last pure blood Saiyan is now dead.

Is there any other best anime fight that once moved you? Let us know!

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