Top 10 Best Anime Character's Eyes With Two Different Colors

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We can all agree that what makes anime special is the eyes.

Most anime consists of artwork where the character’s eyes are exaggerated to be big, that’s what distinguishes general anime from other animated series.

Talking about eyes, we are pretty sure we’ve seen at least one instance of anime eyes that are two different colors.

If you think those kind of characters are cool then we’ve compiled a list of ten characters who have heterochromia!

10. Maki from Darker Than Black

This young boy with his green and red anime eyes looks like he would make one of the most adorable contractors in Darker Than Black.

However, there’s more than what meets the eye!

Kind and good-hearted at first, Maki turns out to be immensely possessive for the people or things he obsesses about.

Don’t let this kid’s cute looks fool you; he was hell-bent on destroying the protagonist Hei out of sheer jealousy.


9. Zombina from Monster Musume

Zombina is an undead girl who functions as a Ninja for the M.O.N. from Monster Musume.

This busty 21 year old is not only the hottest zombie you will ever see but also one of the smartest.

Her heterochromia gives her green and yellow anime eyes. Also known as “Bina-chan”, she loves watching horror movies, especially about the undead like herself.

She also has a knack for violence and gore and frequently tries to engage in things as she gets bored easily.

8. Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden

If you’ve watched Rozen Maiden then you’d know who this girl is.

Suiseiseki is created as the third doll of the Rozen Maiden sisters, dressed in a victorian-era styled dress, complete with a lace bonnet.

She has red and green eyes. This tsundere girl is very mischievous but also shy and timid.

Suiseiseki has the ability to interact with plants and she is presented as somewhat of a gardener.

A very distinguishing (and cute) fact about this girl is that she almost always ends her sentences with “desu” -or “yes” in the English dub.

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