Top 10 Before And After Photos of Boob Jobs in Hollywood

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Never get too surprised.

These starlets have had something to get off their chest: they've had boob jobs. See which candid stars have raved about their results, and who regretted going bigger.

10. Kendra Wilkinson

During her pregnancy, her boobs went from a 34C to an E. Now that she's a mom, "I feel like I'm a little top heavy now," she's said.

9. Heidi Montag

The reality star infamously underwent a staggering 10 procedures in one day in 2010, including getting size F breast implants. She reduced them to a C in October 2013, after her new additions were causing back and neck problems.

8. Kellie Pickler

The American Idol alum has shrugged off surgery rumors: "If you don't have anything better to talk about than my rack ... it doesn't bother me a bit."

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