Top 10 Awesome Justin Bieber Hairstyle

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These days, Justin Bieber is making headlines for a lot more than just his singing, but he is still just as popular as ever, and the world is still fascinated with him no matter what as are his devoted fans. We have found 10 Justin Bieber hairstyle pictures, and these photographs show just how many different ways that Justin Bieber has styled his hair.

10. With Messy Hair

With Messy Hair 

Famous people get tired like the rest of us, and may not do their hair. In this picture, Justin looks tired, and his hair looks a little messy, but it’s still a good look on him.

9. With Spiky Hair

With Spiky Hair 

Justin Bieber was still a teenager when he was discovered, but in this picture, he looks really young, and check out his spiky hair.

8. With Wet Parted Hair

With Wet Parted Hair 

Every celebrity has to pose for photographers, and in these professional looking photos, Justin Bieber has a great leather jacket on, and his hair is both wet and parted.

7. With Spiky Bangs

With Spiky Bangs 

Justin Bieber has taken many selfies of himself, and he wants to show the world his great hat and spiky bangs.

6. With Curled Back Bangs

With Curled Back Bangs 

Sometimes we all like to experiment with their hair, and in this photo, Justin Bieber is looking a little like the old rapper Vanilla Ice with his bangs sticking up and curled back.

5. With Parted Flat Bangs

With Parted Flat Bangs 

Justin Bieber is not very old, and in this picture, he looks like a baby practically even with the flat parted bangs and funny glasses.

4. With Parted Spiky Hair

With Parted Spiky Hair 

When celebrities reach a certain level of fame, they may be immortalized in wax, and this is a picture of Justin Bieber with his wax double, and once again his hair is flat and parted to the side.

3. With Hair Parted to the Side

With Hair Parted to the Side 

It makes Justin look a little more grown up with the almost James Dean hairstyle.

2. With Spiked Hair and Spiked Sides

With Spiked Hair and Spiked Sides 

When your hair starts to grow out, you may spike different parts of it, and in this photograph, Justin Bieber has his bangs and sides sticking up in the air, and it’s a look that he can really pull off.

1. With Forward Haircut

With Forward Haircut 

The Justin Bieber haircut was made famous by the singer, and all the hair pushed forward really is a unique way to cut the hair.

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