Top 10 Awesome Gifts to Surprise Your Girlfriend

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It's always special if someone gifts us and it will be more special when someone close gifts us.

Here are 10 awesome gifts you can give to your Girlfriend. So Here We Go!!!!!


Yes Heard it right Girls First love i.e. Teddy Bears.

Yes it may sound common but girls are having craze of teddy bears. They can’t get enough of it. Specially the larger, bigger ones.

Every girl dreams of possessing that form of gift and to keep close to her heart every night she sleeps on her bed.

The smaller teddy bear also will be dearer like the larger ones. Even now a day’s Teddy bears carry a small message on themselves written on their Fur body.

And if  you want it to be too special you can dress up in Teddy Bear attire and present yourself in front of her. It will be definitely worth Teddy Bear to take to her home.


You can express your love by etching a Tattoo of her name’s first letter on your Hand or Back Neck portion.

Now a days this trend is very Popular in today’s youth. Or another option is of couple Tattoo. Its newest trend catching up in couples.

It will be of various design and you have to select anyone and ink an tattoo of both of your respective alphabet on each other’s body part.

And it will be permanent one tattoo which will be always with you till the end of your life. Tattoo is quiet fashionable also and girls  love to be fashionista.


Yes!!!Plan a Surprise Party to your girlfriend.You can throw a party on a Ship or a Beach Party also looks cool.

You can invite all her close friends and family also. Even another option you can throw a party with a theme attached to it.

The theme may vary from fixing a Dress code Specially latest one is Golden and Black Theme and Some can opt for throwing a Victorian theme party.

Or else White themed party, Red Heels and Cowboy Boots Party. Even Couples cooking lessons theme party is also catching the trend.


Girls love to dress up according to the current fashionable trend.

They try everything right from Skirts, Tops, Ball Gown Wear, Western wear etc.You can gift your girlfriend a nice dress or a one piece she will love to flaunt it.

Even you can gift her a Fur type jackets, Bolero also. Girls love to pair it up with the dress or a jean.

Asymmetrical Neck type, Chelsea collar type, Clutch coat clothing, one shoulder gown, Halter neck type also you can gift.


Yes Plan a Theme Vacation for both of you. Choose a concept for a theme vacation varying from Adventurous type, Luxurious type.

If your girl loves adventure or fun part you can plan it and also include Treasure hunt game also in it. she has unfold all the puzzles and search the gifts.

And coming to Luxurious type you can plan it where the place offers some exotic luxury stuff  like Body Spa, Rejuvenate yourself and enjoy the Nature.

Some luxury package also includes Game coupons, Sightseeing etc. So it will be refreshing idea and good amount of time is spent lovingly.It will be worldly pleasure feel.


Every Girl will aspire to have a Romantic Date with her love (boyfriend).So, Plan a Romantic Date surprisingly to your girlfriend and she will love it.

Specially go for Candle light Dinner at your favourite restaurant with a nice ambiance created for couples only.

Arrange a Background music also specially violin music and you can ask her to dance  also. And then comes the turn of enjoying a delicious dinner with a pick of Wine drink.

It will definitely touch her heart as girls are always warm and emotional by heart.


What’s this Strike the Heart chord???Well I mean Finger Ring. Some say Finger Ring on our Ring finger indicates that it connects vein directly to our heart.

So gift your girl a ring made-up of Platinum which has love band collections in it. And as all know Diamonds are girl’s best friend so you can pick her Diamond ring.

Or a Gold ring with lucky stone of your girl. And also you can gift her pearls. Even the ring like love word written on it is beautifull. It will be always special forever even if the time stands still.

3. Accessories

Imagine your life without Bikes and gadgets. No its hardly possible you say right similarly for a girl it’s impossible for her without accessories.

Well what type of accessories hmmm there are many types Gift her a watch with a heart shaped. You can also opt for Sling bags, clutches latest handbags.

Even you can gift her junk jewellery it will be always useful for her. Junk jewellery in the form of neck piece or a Bracelet embedded with beads or some stones.

Even choosing a classy sunglasses also you can opt for. Girls without these following things they never step out anywhere. So it will definitely impress her.


It’s a latest trend catching up according to changing world. But give a thought in olden days how we used to click and keep safe our photos of our loved ones.

And later used to tuck it in frame but now newer concept photo wallpaper is found.

Take her random picture, Those angry look picture, Blushing picture, Naughty type picture, any picture which you felt its cute, adorable and your picture with her..

And take a printout of larger size and and paste it behind your girlfriend’s Bed room wall. It will look different and superb.


Who does not like Chocolates??? Right from a kid to grown up’s all love chocolates.

And girls are still like a child at heart and they go crazy over chocolates. And there is not a single chocolate flavour which a girl never loved so you can gift irrespective of any flavour.

Now in market you will get chocolates with sweet messages hidden in them you can go for it.

Or who is chef by heart or the one who want to do something special prepare yourself chocolate by your hand.

So just wrap it up and also Place a Champagne Bottle or a Wine Bottle and lots of Goodies stuff and Pack it in a colourfull Basket.

Also you can add Muffins, Candies all in heart shape and pack it. Every girl will love and adore it.


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