Top 10 Athletes Who Take Mask-Wearing to a Whole Other Level

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3. Dave Parker - 1978

Dave Parker fractured his jaw and shattered his cheekbone during a home plate collision with Mets catcher John Stearns. When he returned to the team, he was hidden behind this horrifyingly colorful face shield.

2. Gerry Cheevers - 1968

When Gary Cheevers was struck in the face with a puck during practice, he came up with the odd idea of illustrating stitches on each puck mark.

1. Jacques Plante - 1959

There was a time in hockey's history when it was considered soft to wear a mask. The only thing more disturbing than the mask itself was Jacques Plante's shattered face behind it.

To mask or not to mask, that's not a question for these 10 athletes.

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