Top 10 Athletes Who Take Mask-Wearing to a Whole Other Level

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7. Bernard Hopkins - 2009

Boxing is as much about intimidating your opponent as it is about being a skilled fighter. Bernard Hopkins brings that bullying all the way to the ring with his Executioner mask.

6. Bruce Grobbelaar - 1993

After suffering a broken cheek when he was struck with a piece of concrete during a match, the Liverpool goalkeeper returned to the team with a rather startling zebra-print mask.

5. Gilles Gratton - 1968

Gratton's goalie mask could be called artistic, but we'd prefer to call it horrifying. The Rangers legend looked part tiger, part Leatherface, and mostly insane manning the crease.

4. Galen Rupp - 2011

Never has a softer affliction looked so badass. Galen Rupp wears this Darth Vader mask to protect against pollen allergies.

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