Top 10 Athletes Who Take Mask-Wearing to a Whole Other Level

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Whether it's for injury, allergy, intimidation, or style, these players take masquerading to a whole other level.

The history of athletes wearing masks dates back over 50 years. So, let's pull the curtain, hit the lights, and take a look back at the top 10 athletes who rock the masks in sports history.

10. Kobe Bryant - 2012

Kobe Bryant rocked a clear mask for the first three games after breaking his nose and went off for 30-plus points in his three-game winning streak.

9. Gary Bromley - 1978

When you combine Bromley's disturbing skull mask with the dreadfully ugly "V" sweater of the late 70s-era Canucks, you have perhaps the most menacing ensemble in the history of sports.

8. Gary Simmons - 1974

How do you take a team called the California Golden Seals and make them seem horrifying? Find a homeless drifter, paint a cobra-seal-dragon on his face, and put him in goal. Problem solved.

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