Top 10 Anti-Hero Characters in Anime

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7.  Claire Stanfield "Vino" (Baccano!)

"It's begun. It's too late now. There's no going back. I have become the Rail Tracer!"

Claire Stanfield is the legendary freelance assassin Vino (Italian wine), who is hailed as the best in the world.

The name Vino references the way he mutilates his targets, leaving them caked in a layer of blood and looking like they are soaked in wine.

He is also nearly unstoppable in physical combat. His views on the world could be seen as solipsistic.

In addition to being an assassin, he also works as a conductor aboard the transcontinental train the "Flying Pussyfoot", making it easier for him to travel to his targets.

6. Hei (Darker Than Black)

"If you pretend to feel a certain way, the feeling can become genuine all by accident"

Codename "Hei", he is an elite contractor with the Messier Code BK-201.

Hei has a double persona in the series: as a civilian, he is referred to as Li Shenshun, but when he is working with the Syndicate, he acts almost exactly as a typical contractor, appearing to be cold and rational.

5. Lin Yao "Greed" (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

"If you turn your back on something you wanted, then you don't deserve to call yourself 'Greed'!"

Lin Yao, is the twelfth crown prince of the eastern nation of Xing and the liege of the Yao clan.

Ling has ventured from Xing to Amestris in order to divine the secret of immortality - the Philosopher's Stone.

Ling willingly allowing the intruding Homunculus to commandeer his body freely in exchange for power and possession of the Philosopher's Stone while Greed sometimes turns a relatively blind eye to the few occurrences during which the prince forcibly regains control of his body.

4. Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero)

"There’s no hope on the battlefield. It has nothing but unspeakable despair. Just a crime we call victory, paid for by the pain of the defeated."

A magus who was Saber's Master during the fourth Holy Grail War, the events of which are covered in Fate/Zero.

During his lifetime, Kiritsugu strives to be a Hero of Justice, intending to use the Holy Grail to wish for world peace.

However at the conclusion of the fourth Holy Grail War, after realizing that the Holy Grail was corrupted and cursed, and that the wish it grants only causes destruction, he strives to destroy the Holy Grail and End the Holy Grail War.

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