Top 10 Anime Series That Will Truly Boost Up Your Intelligence

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3. Ghost in the Shell

In future life has become a mix of the digital and physical world, humans and technology extended to a degree beyond imagination where life is moving in the physical and digital world.

By the improvment of this technology scientists were able to merge or fusion humans with machines which resulted in a new improved technology to bring humanity back as it was before.

2. Detective Conan

Every episode worth watching for those who wanna solve mysterious cases, this kid teaches us a lot about how to use our brain.

And the story is still on and on and episodes are way too interesting than the last years.


1. Death Note

Death Note is worth being number one as its also favorite anime show of all time. By most of japan fans, its ranked 1 in their intelligence anime list shows.

A smart guy nammed yagami light versus other smart protagonists which makes the anime very encouraging to see, you get excited about every episode you see from this masterpiece.


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