Top 10 Anime Food Make Your Mouth Water Immediately

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If there is nothing better in anime aside from plot and characters, it's all the food.

From bento boxes to vibrant dinners, most anime foods are Japanese or Japanese takes on western dishes.

Here's a list of top 10 anime food that could make your mouth water right now!

10. Okayu

One anime food dish that you may want to consider is okayu. Okayu is the Japanese version of rice porridge, otherwise known as congee.

In Japan, okayu is served to ill patients because it is very easy to digest, but it can also be served to infants who are transitioning to more solid foods, or the elderly.

Typically, okayu is made by boiling uncooked rice and water for about 30 minutes.

Other things may be added to add flavor like rice, negi, meats, fish or other side dishes.

Japanese okayu is much thicker than other variations and quicker to make, but the Japanese do not eat it as often as say, the Chinese who may eat jook for breakfast everyday.

It can also be quite exciting to have your beloved feed you this dish much like in any ecchi anime!

9. Onigiri

If there's nothing that you've seen more than ecchi in anime, it's probably onigiri!

Onigiri is a rice ball that is made from Japanese rice and may or may not be wrapped in seaweed.

Contrary to popular belief, onigiri do not have to be in a triangle shape, however many do prefer to form this anime food into a triangle!

Although not required, fillings are generally placed inside onigiri ranging from umeboshi (pickled plums) to fish or meats.

Still, onigiri is a great anime food to make for a quick snack, a picnic, or even to put into a bento.

They sell an assortment of onigiri in konbini as well. If you are in the states, you can find onigiri in Japanese supermarkets.

8. Onabe

When it's cold outside, what anime food do you run to first? Onabe!

In Japan, onabe is usually eaten in the winter because it makes the body feel warm.

Onabe is actually just the Japanese variation of hot pot, but in reality, there are many different type of onabe from sukiyaki to oden.

Hot pot itself is a popular dish among other Asian countries, especially in the winter time.

Onabe is a one pot meal in which all ingredients are cooked in one pot together either in a light flavored broth with a sauce for dipping or a more hardy broth that will seep into the ingredients.

The ingredients can vary from vegetables to different proteins like meat or tofu.

All of these ingredients are placed in a pot that is usually on top of a portable stove at the table so diners can cook and eat at their leisure at the dining table.

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