Top 10 Anime Character Saddest Backstory Make You Cry

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Decide on Who You Think Had The Saddest Back Story

Today we find the 10 anime character saddest backstory,when we watch this story,we want cay.

1. Gaara

On The Day Gaara Was Born The Shukaku Was Sealed Inside Of Him Resulting In The Loss Of His Mother.

He Was Hated And Neglected By Everyone In His Village And Called A Monster:cold_sweat:But He Always Had His Uncle Who He Though Loved Him Until He Tried To Kill Him And He Said "I Always Hated You Gaara For Killing My Sister And Your Gaara The Demon That Only Loves Itself".


2. Robin

Robin Was Always Ostracized And Called A Freak Because Of Her Devil Fruit Abilities And When She Was 8 Years Old Ohara The Island Where She Lived Was Purged Off The Map By The World Government.

And Because She Was The Only Survivor  A Bounty Of $79 MILLION Beries:astonished: Was Place On Her Head And She Was Hunted For The Rest Of Her Life

3. Erza

After Living in Rosemary Village it Was Attacked By A Zeref Worshipping Group And Everyone She Ever Known Was Either Killed Or Made A Slave.

And After Years Of Beatings And Hard Work As a Slave She Escaped Having To Leave All Her Friends.

Because They Boy That Helped Her Survive The Years Became Possessed And Made Everyone Stay A Slave In The Tower But Her.

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