Top 10 Animated Hotties Most Men Have Daydreamed About

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Animation is no longer just confined to Saturday morning kids’ cartoons. It’s big business, and the business they’re selling is desire. 

Both adolescents and adults can today openly admit to having crushes and fantasies about these animated hotties. What once would have been branded as weird is now not only expected, but encouraged.

With that in mind, we take a look at the hottest female animated characters that many men would give anything to spend a night with.

10. She-Ra – She-Ra

Today’s movies, TV and cartoons are filled with female superheroes, all of them bringing their own skills, talents and skimpy outfits to the genre. But in the 80s, the best female cartoon hero was She-Ra.

This princess warrior was brought in to balance out the genders in the He-Man franchise. And just like He-Man, (Who essentially ran around in just his underwear!) She-Ra’s costume didn’t exactly cover all. In a dress that was so high you could almost see her “Power of Eternia,” She-Ra became an 80s sex symbol.


9. Elsa – Frozen

If there are any dads out there with young kids, then chances are they’ve seen Frozen – probably hundreds of times – which is no doubt the reason that queen Elsa has become the newest animated character to reach sex symbol status.

The queen of ice has very quickly managed to freeze herself into the fantasies of a lot of men. It’s understandable really, if we’re made to watch the movie over and over again, then there has to be something in it for the adults. Right?

Whatever the reason, there’s a new Disney princess in town and she’s taking over everything.

8. Stripperella – Stripperella

There can’t be a list of sexy animated characters without Stripperella. After all, her main purpose is to be sexually alluring. 

With a name like Stripperella, it’s not hard to imagine the intent and target audience behind this creation.

Stripper by day, with the name Erotica Jones, Stripperella became a crime fighting vixen super-spy by night. A sexy female version of James Bond, Stripperella even had her own gadgets. 

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