Top 10 Animal Species With Unusual Color Mutations You Didn't Know

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Even after thousands of years of discovery, there are new animal species identified every single day.

But sometimes genetic mutations can make even the animals that are most familiar to us look completely foreign.

Here are 10 animal species with unusual color mutations that you probably didn't know.

10. Venus the cat

Meet Venus, the cat with two faces. Although she has not been DNA tested.

It is believed that Venus' odd color variations which seem to split her face in half are the result of chimerism, a condition where a single organism is composed of genetically distinct cells.

9. Blue lobster

A genetic mutation occasionally occurs in lobsters that creates an excessive amount of a particular protein, giving them a vibrant blue exoskeleton.

Though blue lobsters are rare, they aren't uncommon either. An estimated 2 million lobsters are blue.

They are often spared from the cooking pot due to their unusual coloration.

8. White tiger

White tigers are rare pigmentation variants of the Bengal tiger.

It is a common misconception that white tigers are albinos; unlike albinos, they still produce the pigment eumelanin.

Just like people have different hair and eye color, white tigers are simply a variation.

They represent what biologists call "natural phenotypical variation," an underlying genetic variation, among the Bengal tiger population.

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