Top 10 American Colleges With The Hottest Girls

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Don't say that you never wonder which colleges had the most eye candy to gawk at.

Well, here goes the answer. Check out the top 10 american colleges with the hottest girls!

10. Ohio State University

Ohio State is usually the largest University in the country so it’s pretty much impossible not to find gorgeous girls. When you’ve got a sample size of 56k+ you’re always going to be in good shape.

9. University of Oregon

Oregon is supposedly one of the healthiest states in the country, and you can absolutely see that represented with its college women. The Ducks football jerseys take a lot of heat, but in my opinion they actually work on females.

The colors especially look great on Ducks cheerleaders.

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8. Texas A&M University

We all know everything is BIGGER in Texas, and they are BIG in the department of hot girls as well. Texas A&M graduate Kandice Krueger proved this when she won Miss USA in 2001. If you are looking for girls with natural beauty Texas A&M is your choice.

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