Top 10 Amazing The Voice Season 7 Live Performance

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With Craig Wayne Boyd became the latest champ, The Voice's seventh season came to a close last night. In honor of it ending we're naming the best 10 performances of the season.

10. Boots On - Craig Wayne Boyd & Blake Shelton

On a night where the mood was mostly "serious," "sexy" or "seriously sexy," Craig and Blake brought a real sense of fun to their duet.

9. In Pictures - Craig Wayne Boyd

At his best, Craig not only feels his lyrics deeply, but is able to convey said feeling to his audience.

8. Someone Like You - Damien

Team Adam contestant Damien's take on Adele's "Someone Like You" since he made it his own. He even stated in a video on The Voice's YouTube Channel that he "felt like that was the first time America got to actually see exactly what kind of artist I wanted to be."

7. Cry Me a River - Chris Jamison

True, saved for some amped up guitars and Chris’ decision to deliver both the J.T. and Timbaland lines - the arrangement stayed pretty true to the original. 

6. Lost Stars - Matt McAndrew & Adam Levine

You may not hear this song before, but so waht? Good tunes are good tunes even at first listen.

5. Soldier - Damien

We appreciated the chance to hear Damien deliver something other than a treacly ballad, and while he seemed more relaxed and confident than ever.

4. Lost Without U - Chris Jamison & Adam Levine

The fellas' sweet falsettos went together like chocolate and peanut butter, and the way Chris managed to make the dubious Robin Thicke’s lyrics come across as more romantic than sleazy.

3. Velvet - Chris Jamison

Yet while Chris’ debut single probably won’t be something you sing along to with your favorite aunt over the holidays, there’s no doubt the guy fully committed to the seduction he started.

2. My Baby’s Got a Smile On Her Face - Craig Wayne Boyd

Craig’s debut single - which Blake Shelton says he wrote eons ago but never got around to recording - has an appealing rhythm and a naughty playfulness to the lyrics.

1. Wasted Love - Matt McAndrew

At the top of our list is Team Adam Levine contestant Matt McAndrew with his original song "Wasted Love." His coach told him, "It's one of the best songs I've heard in my whole life," which we have to agree with.

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