Top 10 Actors Who Were Born to Play Their Superhero Characters

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These ten celebrities were born to be superheroes. 

You probably couldn’t imagine anyone else playing their roles and if you can, you’re wrong….you’re oh so wrong.

10. Jessica Alba – Sue Storm

The thing that’s really infuriating about Jessica Alba being a superhero is that she wasn’t cast as every superhero from that moment on. 

Come on Hollywood, you really dropped the ball with that one. She should have been the first on the list to play Catwoman, Black Widow, Wonder Woman and any other female superhero that wore tight leather. 

To be clear, this is not an argument that she was born to play Sue Storm specifically, this is an argument that she was born to be in leather tights and since that’s what superhero movies do to every female character – she was born to be Sue Storm and every other female superhero. 


9. Patrick Stewart – Professor X

Who is the most iconic bald guy in comic books? Answer: Professor X. Who is the most iconic bald actor in Hollywood? Answer: Sean Connery, then Bruce Willis, then The Rock, then Samuel L. Jackson, then Jason Statham, probably Vin Diesel and then Patrick Stewart. 

OK, so he’s not first but being first isn’t everything guys, being seventh ain’t bad at all! 

Patrick Stewart had the acting chops, the deep vocal range and the mind control powers to play the Professor. He has also played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Next Generation so he had enough nerd points stored up at that time to cash in for a partially working superhero. 

8. Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury

With Nick Fury you needed a guy who could actually make the character of Nick Fury look and sound badass without actually doing anything badass in any of the superhero films he’s in. 

Seriously, his greatest badass accomplishment was getting hit in the face with an airbag in Captain America:Winter Soldier, being protected by bullet proof glass and faking his own death – if that doesn’t scream hero, humanity might as well give up now. 

Jackson is the best actor in the game for delivering angry monologues without actually backing it up with physical violence, but do you believe that he could beat down an Avenger if he wanted to? You bet your ass you do, just see what happens if you mention a Big Kahuna Burger to the guy – sh*t really hits the fan.

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