Tony Toutouni Is The New King of Instagram

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What does he do? Everything.

Tony Toutouni
It's no secret that millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian lives like a king. The Navy Seal turned poker champion pretty much does what he wants, travelling the world with unbelievable women in his private jet and collection of incredible cars.

However, it looks like Bilz has finally got himself some serious competition.

Introducing Tony Toutouni, a.k.a @lunatic_living. He's a Los Angeles based businessman who's got more money than he knows what to do with, and his Instagram and Snapchat host pictures and videos that, well, we'd all love to be a part of.

He's got girls washing his cars...

Putting an action figure version of him between their boobs...

He's got a famous middle finger, which he says he uses to authenticate his pictures.

He's actually pretty good mates with Dan Bilzerian, and the two often get together and remind us of how much money they have.

That's just the kind of man Tony Toutouni is.

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