This Talented Girl Transforms Herself Into Trippy Superheroes Using JUST Body Paint

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Armed with an array of body paint and brushes, Kay Pike can transform into any superhero or villain.

The incredibly talented designer and model from Calgary, Canada paints on her own body to make herself look like 2D characters from TV and comics, including Marvel’s Spider-Man and Cheetara from ThunderCats.

Previously a fan of dressing up for cosplay events, Kay discovered she could put her artistic skills to use in transforming her appearance - and only started bodypainting in December last year.

The 28-year-old uses a water-based face paint and a special makeup to help it stick. She says she needs 10 to 15 bottles of paint to create just one character, which runs between $80 to $150.

And some of her designs can take up an entire day to recreat superheroes and comic book villains on her skin, but she says she plans it that way and fully enjoys the experience. 

After posting the results of her work on the Internet, she soon found her work attracted thousands of online fans. 

She now live-streams her process twice per week on Twitch. More than 15,200 people viewed her latest livestream of She-Hulk.

Here are some of her greatest hits:

Golden Frieza from Dragon Ball


Lady Deadpool 


Skeletor from He-Man

Doctor Doom

Bizarro Girl


Carol Danvers 

I’m certainly impressed with her work, but I have to admit, seeing Kay painted up like male superheroes leaves me slightly...comfused.

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