This Russian Fixed His Car in the Most Creative Way, By Painting

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Well all go through that, we have a nice car that we love and then it happens.

It's exactly what happened to this Russian driver that was traveling through Altai region of Russia and a large truck bumped into his doors.

However what happened next is what happens when you are a creative person. No need to say these images spread fast across the social media.

How? By taking a permanent marker pen and covering the unsightly dent with a detailed map of the region!

Because there is no mandatory car insurance in Russia, so the truck driver paid for the damage he caused. And the design is only a temporary fix until the owner of the car can get the door replaced.

Looking at those beautiful mountains he was so inspired he decided to turn the car bumps into a beautiful landscape painting over his car doors.

We think he should leave it like it is though, and instead use the money to buy more pens so he can cover the rest of his car.

When life gives you bumps, make beautiful mountains.

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