This Racy PETA Super Bowl Commercial Is Way Too Hot for the Big Game

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The following post is for mature audiences only (not like actually mature, just those old enough to see people doing it).

PETA has released their extremely racy submission for a spot in the prestigious line-up of ads airing during the Super Bowl next weekend, and boy, it will make you wonder if you're allowed to even be seeing this right now. 

The NSFW clip titled "Last Longer" compares the sexual stamina between meat lovers and vegans by basically showing a couple from each category having some serious sex.

Well, the meat eaters go at it for a second and then it's over (womp, womp), while the vegans put on quite the show. It's very sexual.

The commercial makes the claim that vegans have more stamina in the bedroom due to the fact that the “cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy products slows the flow of blood to all the body’s organs—not just the heart.” 

Oh, and then the meat-eater walks outside and is killed instantly by a falling air conditioner, because if nothing else, PETA can be relied on to never be subtle. 

So, I’m guessing the message we’re supposed to take away here is: Don’t eat meat, because your sad boner will make you a failure in the bedroom and you’ll die without orgasm. Seems reasonable enough.

And —SPOILER ALERT—the ad was banned from airing on TV during the big game.

This may not come as a surprise, seeing how the animal rights organization is known for their controversial commercials, and it's not the first time their spot was deemed too steamy (or just too much) for the small screen.

Despite not making it to the tube, PETA always releases their ads online so they can still raise awareness to the topic at hand.

And something tells us this particular ad is really going to gain some attention. And replays. Lots of replays.

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