This Popular Meme Ruined This Model's Life And She Has Finally Spoken Up

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You never know what moment can change your life forever. 

As it happens, for Taiwanese model Heidi Yeh, it wasn't a was a meme

Her story begin with an advertisement.

In 2012, Heidi signed on to do appear in an advertisement for a Taiwanese cosmetic clinic. She posed with a man and three children in a family portrait setting.

Little did she know that the children's faces would be retouched and that the ad would read "The only thing you'll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids."

Her contract stated the ad would only be featured in newspapers, magazines, and in the clinic.

However, the image appeared online for another business and was quickly reworked as a meme, captioned: "Plastic surgery: you can't hide it forever." 

Later, a story started circulating about a man who had divorced his wife after she had lied about having cosmetic surgery and had given him "an ugly baby daughter."

The article included a picture of the ad featuring Yeh. People began to think the story was about her.

From there, Yeh's career and relationships were affected as people thought the picture was real. 

"I thought it was just rumors, then I realized the whole world was spreading this story and in different languages. People actually believed it and thought this had happened to me. Even my relatives and fiancé's family have asked me about it.

I keep thinking, 'Why is this happening to me? I decided to speak out because I wanted to give myself some courage to deal with this problem.

Yes, the meme ruined her modelling career, crumbling it down to ashes and leaving nothing but small advertisements deal left for her. You heard it, right. 

Memes which entertain us and give us a good laugh actually tranformed life of a person for the worst.


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