This Poor Hot Volleyball Player Gets Merrily Pranked By The Internet

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Oh internet, you can get your hands on just about anything and make it escalate into the weirdest shiz imaginable. 

This is a PERFECT example. 

Take a beautiful female volleyball player diving for the ball, as she has surely done thousands of times before. 

Of course, with completely random abandon, they took issue to it. 

The following are best of the web’s crazy game of weird, hilarious one upmanship. Enjoy!

Gollum would actually be pretty sweet at V-Ball. Imagine that hustle.

Rousey’s comeback.

Handling that many balls all at once is difficult, even for a talented professional.

Female throwing. It’s a very progressive Olympic sport.

Tom boy.

Gotta keep Wilson. 

Best seats in the house, ey fellas?

Nicolas Cage’s first Photoshop appearance.

This is how Patrick and Sir Ian McKellen became friends.

If this were a sport…

Food porn.

Does she now have a Slip’N’Slide contract? Absolutely.

Internet, I love you, never change.


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