This New Line of Dolls With Disabilities Is the Best Thing in the World

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This is so magically wonderful.

Parents of children with disabilities have been pleading with toy manufacturers to make dolls that reflect their kids' disabilities and one British toy maker has responded.

Makies, a line of dolls manufactured using 3-D printers, noticed the #ToyLikeMe campaign on Facebook and Twitter and started producing dolls that have walking aids, hearing aids and birthmarks.

The company has also confirmed its design and manufacturing department are working on a wheelchair-bound character as well.

Using 3D printing to design the dolls and their add-on impairment aids and accessories, Makies hopes the new line will be a big success – given how quickly it was created in response to the #ToyLikeMe Facebook campaign.

Priced at $108, Makie Dolls are custom-designed for their owner, with the company planning to trial custom facial characteristics – meaning soon, parents could create dolls with the same birthmark as their child.

The new collection has left Toy Like Me activists pretty happy, but they’re not done with campaigning for greater diversity when it comes to kids’ toys.

What an awesome way to respond to clear customer demand. More of this, please!

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